Yukiyasu Nakata

Certified Public Accountant
Certified Tax Accountant
He has more than 20 years of experience including audit for 4 years for audit and 16 years for PwC Tax Japan. He will be independent tax advisor from September 2017.

He provides the wide range of tax services, including but not limited to the tax returns preparation, reorganization, M&A support and indirect taxes. His strength is international tax, taxation for reorganization and indirect tax issues.

He provides his services to wide range of the industry, including but not limited to retail, cars, transportation, internet, pharmacy


He also write the books, articles of magazine and hold the seminars for the international tax and indirect tax issues.


Qualification: Japanese Certified Public Accountant, Japanese Licensed Tax Accountant

Languages: Japanese (mother tongue), English (business fluent)


Companies may suffer losses unexpectedly due to “don’t know”.  Possibility suffering losses would increase especially when conducting unusual transactions or making international transactions.

It is the same for tax and when making unusual transactions or making international transactions, “don’t’ know” may cause unexpected tax


Even significant amount of taxes can be manageable if it is expected before the transaction. However, unexpected tax has generally a large impact to the profit from the transaction even if it is small amount.

To avoid such unexpected tax, it is necessary to involve a tax specialist who is specialized with taxation related to unusual transactions and/or international transactions.


We will support you in order to minimize unexpected tax arising from your “don’t know”.


― International tax services

With the globalization of business activities, cross-border transactions are increasing. The different tax issues occur in each stage of the transaction in the different jurisdiction

If you “don’t know” the tax issues which occurs in each stage of transaction, unexpected tax may be imposed.


Japanese taxation is especially quite unique and complicated. However, there are only limited number of the tax specialist who can support foreign based companies with the international tax knowledge in English languages.


Our tax specialist who has experience working both in Japan and abroad will support you to “know” the Japanese and international taxes.



(Example of Our Services)

  • Initial analysis for the withholding tax , including the application of the tax treaties
  • Initial analysis on PE risk.
  • Initial analysis on application of foreign tax credit
  • Initial analysis on Japanese CFC (tax haven)
  • International Tax Health Check Service


― Indirect tax service

Indirect tax such as consumption tax should generally not be a cost for the enterprise (both individual and company) conducting the business. However, in the international transactions, indirect tax could become the cost for the enterprise or additional cost need to be borne in order to avoid the indirect tax unexpectedly due to “don’t know”.


The impact on indirect tax is increasing as the high tax rate in foreign countries and changing the consumption tax regulation in Japan. It often happens that the unexpected indirect tax amount exceeds the benefits obtained from the transaction.


Our tax specialist who has experience working both in Japan and abroad will support you to “know” the indirect tax on the transaction.


(Example of Our Services)

  • Analysis on indirect tax on the planned transactions
  • Analysis on the possibility of the refund and/or the preparation on the refund application when indirect tax is imposed
  • Analysis and tax compliance procedure for the Japanese consumption tax for the provision of the digital services by foreign enterprise


― Reorganisation

Reorganisation generally means the mergers, demerger, business transfers, contribution in kind, share for share exchanges (Kabushiki-Kokan) or share for share transfer (Kabushiki-Iten) etc. Although these transactions cannot be a general transaction, we believe that you may consider at least once when expanding business activities.
Reorganization itself is complicated, and at the same time, its taxation is also very complicated. There could be a reorganization scheme which is legally feasible but taxable, which leads the additional tax due to “don’t know”.
Our tax specialist who has experience working both in Japan and abroad will support you to “know” the reorganisation


(Example of Our Services)

  • Analysis on the reorganisation can be a tax neutral
  • Analysis on the Net Operating Losses or built-in loss after the reorganisation.


― Other tax service

We can provide you wide range of tax services, including but not limited to the preparation of various tax returns, bookkeeping or payroll at your request.


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